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SWAGSTAMP your: Send Us Your Converse

Total Price (MSRP $0.00 + SWAGSTAMP $60.00) = $60.00

  • You can send us your BRAND NEW Converse sneakers if you chose to purchase them yourself. Follow the steps below to let us know the details of the sneaker you will be sending us and then choose your SwagStamp details.
  • You will ONLY be charged $60.00 for your SwagStamp personalization and NOT for the sneakers. The $60.00 price includes shipping BOTH ways. Once your order is placed, we will send you an email with a shipping label to print out and detailed instructions on how to send us your brand new, never worn converse sneakers.
  • We will ONLY accept the CONVERSE brand styles from the drop down list below. If you send us another brand of sneaker or a style of Converse not shown in the drop down list below your shoes will be returned to you and the $60.00 will be used to cover our shipping and processing costs incurred for returning the boots to you. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND. If you are not sure of your Converse sneaker style, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to try and help you.

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The merchandise sold and shown on this website is customized by SWAGSTAMP at the request of its customers, using genuine Hunter®, Converse®, Havaianas®, and Vince Camuto® products originally sold by the brand owners/manufacturers without such customization. The trademarks shown on the goods are those of the respective brand owners/manufacturers, which have not authorized or participated in the customizing process. SWAGSTAMP and its customization services are not endorsed, sponsored, authorized by or otherwise affiliated with any of the aforementioned companies..
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