Thank You!

We’re filled with both excitement and nervousness with a few days until the SWAGSTAMP launch. It’s been a crazy road to get here, filled with many obstacles, many sleepless nights, many doubts. Somehow it managed to all came together.

After about eight months of trial and mostly error, we figured it out. Before we leap, head first, we’d like to thank some of the great people who helped us on our journey:

Thank you, to our amazing Read My Feet customers who’ve supported us since the days of the heat press. To all of our amazing Jericho friends who believe in us and who combed through their closets to dig out their old worn Hunter boots for us to mutilate. To our inspiration, biggest fan, and pseudo-publicist Sheri for always thinking of us! To Danny and Mary for giving us our first shot and for being behind us all the way. To our fabulous partners and friends at Lester’s of New York, Connie, Michael, Rebecca, Ronda and Barry. To Cody, who totally got it! Most of all, thank you, to our families who put up with our insanity and believe that success is ours to take. Fingers crossed…

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One thought on “Thank You!

  1. Eloisa Torres says:

    I am ready to start my Christmas shopping and will be ordering some boots for my daughter and daughter in law. I am hoping that there is an option for wide calves as I would like to order for myself as well!

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