Swag Story

Introducing SWAGSTAMP… the first of its kind service for 3-D monogramming and personalizing top brand name shoes, handbags and accessories. At SWAGSTAMP, loyal fans of iconic brands like Hunter, Converse, and Havaianas can choose to personalize their own or purchase new shoes and accessories with a permanent colorfilled embossed monogram — a.k.a. a SWAGSTAMP.

For five years we’ve been designing and manufacturing our own line of women’s and children’s shoes called READ MY FEET featuring flip flops, sandals, clogs and slippers that are adorned with trendy words and icons which could be found in over 200 retailers worldwide. After receiving many special requests from our growing customer base, and with a trend towards customization in the footwear market, we were inspired to come up with something new and unique for our fashion forward clientele. What if we could bring some individuality and personality to popular designer shoe favorites? A personal monogramming service for your favorite shoes!

At SWAGSTAMP.com you can purchase new shoes or accessories to personalize from our online shop. We also offer an option for you to send us Hunter boots you already own to SWAGSTAMP. We are currently offering our service for various styles of HUNTER, HAVAIANAS, and CONVERSE shoes. You can choose from a selection of several monogramming styles and a wide range of colors as well as choices that include letters, icons and other decorative designs. We plan to frequently add new items to personalize to the site as well as new monogramming options to give you an ongoing exciting and unique shopping experience.

Thanks for shopping and have fun creating your SWAGSTAMP!


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The merchandise sold and shown on this website is customized by SWAGSTAMP at the request of its customers, using genuine Hunter®, Converse®, Havaianas®, and Vince Camuto® products originally sold by the brand owners/manufacturers without such customization. The trademarks shown on the goods are those of the respective brand owners/manufacturers, which have not authorized or participated in the customizing process. SWAGSTAMP and its customization services are not endorsed, sponsored, authorized by or otherwise affiliated with any of the aforementioned companies..
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