Frostweave Cloth Farming in Wotlk: Tips and Tricks

Frostweave Cloth Farming in Wotlk: Tips and Tricks

Are you in need of Frostweave Cloth for crafting but finding the process of farming it a tedious task? Don’t worry, we have compiled a guide to help make your Frostweave Cloth farming experience in Wotlk a little easier.

Frostweave Cloth farming in Wotlk can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know where to look. With a drop rate of only 15-20%, the normal mobs in Northrend can be a slow source of farming. Additionally, competing with other players for mobs can lead to added frustration.

One solution to Frostweave Cloth farming is to target specific areas, such as Scholazar Basin or Icecrown. In both areas, there are mobs with a higher drop rate and less competition from other players. Another solution is to participate in dungeons like Utgarde Keep or Nexus, where the bosses have a higher drop rate of Frostweave Cloth.

Overall, the key to successful Frostweave Cloth farming in Wotlk is to be strategic in the areas you target and the methods you use. By doing so, you can maximize your farming efficiency and save yourself some time and frustration.

Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk
“Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk” ~ bbaz

Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk: Introduction

Frostweave is one of the most important cloths in WoW and can be farmed for profit. It is used to make all sorts of things such as bags, armor, and even heirloom items. In this guide, we will be discussing the best ways to farm Frostweave Cloth in WotLK.

What is Frostweave Cloth?

Frostweave Cloth is a type of cloth that is required for several high-level items in WotLK. It can be obtained by killing humanoid creatures, such as those found in Icecrown or The Storm Peaks. These high-density areas will spawn lots of humanoids and provide you with multiple stacks of cloth.



The Best Areas to Farm Frostweave Cloth in WotLK

One of the best places to farm for Frostweave is in Icecrown. The mobs in the Fleshwerks and Valley of Lost Hope areas offer a high drop rate for Frostweave Cloth. Additionally, another great area is The Storm Peaks where the Frostweave farming is optimal from the stronghold of K3, fighting against the Icemaw Bears for their hides !

Farming Strategy for Frostweave Cloth in WotLK

When farming for Frostweave Cloth, it’s important to have an efficient strategy. As always, the method will depend on your class as well as your level of equipment. However, a good strategy is to group with other players and farm the areas in Icecrown together. This will ensure that you have a better chance of getting more cloth drops if you are in a group.

Recommended Classes for Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk

Any class can farm for Frostweave Cloth, however, some classes are faster than others. For example, if you are a mage or hunter, you could easily solo farm the mobs. Similarly, if you are a tank or a paladin, grouping with other players would provide more wins because you help manage the aggro.

What to do with Frostweave Cloth

There are several ways to use Frostweave Cloth. One of the most common uses is to make bags. Bags are always in high demand and they sell well on the auction house. You can also use Frostweave Cloth to craft gear for your character or even sell raw Frostweave Cloth on the auction house.

Frostweave Cloth Farming and Gold Making

As mentioned earlier, Frostweave Cloth is always in high demand, so selling it on the auction house can be very profitable. Depending on the current economy of your server, Frostweave Cloth could sell for 4 gold per piece or more! Furthermore, making bags isn’t only the cheap materials but also can gain some profits


Frostweave Cloth is an essential item in WotLK due to its various uses. It’s highly recommended that everyone take time to farm it. With higher demand, it also increases the potential for profits in the market. Choose the best farming areas and methods that work best for your class and your level of equipment.

Happy Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk!

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Frostweave Cloth Farming in Wotlk: Tips and Tricks

Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk: Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Loot

Frostweave Cloth is a commonly dropped item in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion of World of Warcraft. It is a valuable material used in tailoring, and its scarcity often drives its price up in auction houses. Frostweave Cloth can be farmed by killing humanoid enemies that can be found all over Northrend. But where and how to farm it efficiently?One of the best locations to farm Frostweave Cloth is Wintergrasp, a PvP zone accessible to both factions. Killing the numerous mobs in the Ironclad Garrison outside of the keep will often yield 20-30 pieces of Frostweave Cloth per hour. Another option is farming the humanoid enemies in Icecrown Citadel, which drop not only Frostweave Cloth but also other valuable materials.



To increase your chances of getting Frostweave Cloth drops, equip items that increase your chances of looting. Enchanting your weapons with +5 mining or +5 herbalism and using a potion of treasure finding also help increase your income. Additionally, having a tailor character that can disenchant low-quality items saves bag space and earns additional materials.

My Experience with Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk

As a player who loves making gold and contributing to my guild’s progress, farming Frostweave Cloth has been a go-to method for me. One time, I had to farm Frostweave Cloth to give to our guild tailors to make gear for our raiding healers. It took me several hours to farm enough materials, but the look on their faces after seeing the finished products made it all worth it. Frostweave Cloth farming not only benefits me financially but also helps my guild’s progression. With this in mind, I always come prepared with items that improve my looting chance and have a good farming route planned out. By doing so, I am able to gather more materials in less time and use them effectively to further my game’s goals.In conclusion, farming Frostweave Cloth in Wotlk is a great way to earn gold and contribute to your guild’s progress. By following these tips and tricks, you can efficiently farm Frostweave Cloth and make the most out of your playtime.

Are you struggling to farm Frostweave Cloth in Wotlk? Fear not, as we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help guide you through the process!

Q: Where is the best location to farm Frostweave Cloth in Wotlk?

A: The best location to farm Frostweave Cloth in Wotlk is Icecrown. The area has a high concentration of humanoid mobs that drop Frostweave Cloth, such as the Scourge and the Vrykul.

Q: What is the recommended class to farm Frostweave Cloth in Wotlk?

A: The best class to farm Frostweave Cloth in Wotlk is a Mage. Mages have the ability to AoE (Area of Effect) down multiple mobs at once, allowing for faster farming rates. Alternatively, a Death Knight or Hunter can also be effective due to their strong soloing capabilities.

Q: Is it better to farm Frostweave Cloth through questing or grinding mobs?

A: It is more efficient to grind mobs for Frostweave Cloth, as quests often do not provide enough cloth as a reward. However, completing quests that involve killing humanoid mobs can also yield Frostweave Cloth drops.

Q: How can I increase my Frostweave Cloth farming rates?

A: To increase your Frostweave Cloth farming rates, consider equipping gear with increased loot drop rates or using consumables such as Potion of Treasure Finding. Additionally, grouping up with other players can make farming more efficient, as mobs can be killed faster.

Conclusion of Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk

Frostweave Cloth farming in Wotlk can be a tedious but rewarding process. By utilizing the tips and strategies mentioned above, players can increase their farming rates and acquire large amounts of Frostweave Cloth for crafting or selling on the auction house. Happy farming!

Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk: A Comprehensive Guide

Frostweave Cloth is a valuable crafting material in World of Warcraft, especially during the Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) expansion. It is used to create a variety of items, including bags, bandages, and gear. If you’re looking to farm Frostweave Cloth, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you the best places to farm Frostweave Cloth in WotLK.One of the best places to farm Frostweave Cloth is in Icecrown. The mobs here drop a high number of Frostweave Cloth and have a fast respawn rate. The Scarlet Onslaught in Icecrown Citadel are also a great source of Frostweave Cloth. Another option is to farm the undead in the Pit of Saron dungeon. They have a high chance of dropping Frostweave Cloth and also drop other valuable items.


My Experience with Frostweave Cloth Farming Wotlk

As someone who loves playing as a tailor in WoW, I’ve spent countless hours farming for Frostweave Cloth. One of my favorite spots to farm for Frostweave Cloth in WotLK was in the Halls of Lightning dungeon. The mobs here have a high chance of dropping Frostweave Cloth and also drop other valuable items like Eternal Fire and Eternal Earth.However, if you’re looking for a less risky spot to farm Frostweave Cloth, I would recommend farming in Zul’Drak. The mobs here have a decent drop rate for Frostweave Cloth, and the area is relatively easy to navigate. Plus, there are no elite mobs to worry about, so it’s a great spot for solo farming.In conclusion, Frostweave Cloth is a valuable resource in WotLK, and farming for it can be a lucrative way to make gold. Whether you choose to farm in Icecrown, Pit of Saron, Halls of Lightning, or Zul’Drak, make sure to bring along plenty of bag space and a good farming mindset. Happy farming!