Unlocking the Power of Reaper Cloth in Pixelmon: A Guide

Unlocking the Power of Reaper Cloth in Pixelmon: A Guide

Are you tired of your Pixelmon being defeated in battles? Have you been searching for a way to boost your Pokémon’s power and make them unstoppable? Look no further than the Reaper Cloth Pixelmon! Reaper Cloth Pixelmon is a valuable item that can help boost the power of your Pokémon. This cloth is used to evolve specific types of Ghost-type Pokémon such as Dusclops, but it has many other uses too. By equipping it to your Ghost-type Pokémon, they can become stronger and have access to new moves.One of the best things about Reaper Cloth Pixelmon is that it is easy to obtain. You can find it in various locations within the game, including looting it from the ghost towers pokestop or by defeating Ghost-type wild Pokémon. It is important to note that only Ghost-type Pokémon can equip this item.With Reaper Cloth Pixelmon in your inventory, you can give your Ghost-type Pokémon a competitive edge in battles. Whether you are playing individually or in multiplayer mode, having a strong team is crucial to your success. So, if you want to take your Pokémon to the next level, be sure to get your hands on a Reaper Cloth Pixelmon today.In conclusion, Reaper Cloth Pixelmon is an item that can significantly improve your Ghost-type Pokémon’s power, making them unstoppable in battles. With its easy availability and many benefits, it’s a must-have item for any serious Pokémon trainer. So, make sure you add it to your inventory today and watch your Pokémon rise to the top.

Reaper Cloth Pixelmon
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What is Reaper Cloth Pixelmon

If you are into playing Pixelmon, you might have heard about the Reaper Cloth Pixelmon. This mysterious item is a type of evolution item that enables certain ghost-type Pokémon to evolve into an even stronger form.


The Role of Reaper Cloth Pixelmon in Pixelmon Evolution

As stated earlier, Reaper Cloths are used for Pokemon evolution in the game. But not every ghost-type Pokemon can evolve with the help of the Reaper Cloth. Only two Pokémon in the game are known to be compatible with this item – Dusclops and Yamask.

In order to use the Reaper Cloth on Dusclops or Yamask, first you need to obtain it. This can be done by acquiring enough BP from the Battle Tower in Pokemon Sword and Shield, or defeating the boss in the Obsidian Tower within Pixelmon.

The Evolution Process using Reaper Cloth Pixelmon

Once you have obtained the Reaper Cloth and have a compatible Pokémon, the evolution process can begin. Make sure the Pokemon holding the Reaper Cloth is leveled up at night for Dusclops, or during the day for Yamask, and the evolution will occur.


The end result is a much stronger form of the Pokemon that has access to new moves and abilities that weren’t available before. In the case of Yamask, it evolves into the powerful Cofagrigus, while Dusclops becomes Dusknoir.

The Importance of Reaper Cloth Pixelmon

Reaper Cloth is an important item for any player who wants to unlock the full potential of these two ghost-type Pokémon. The level of difficulty in obtaining the item highlights its importance, and the reward for using it is a total transformation of the Pokémon into something stronger, better, and more impressive.

Reaper Cloth has become an essential item for those looking to complete their Pokedex and have the strongest possible team to face other trainers.

The Rarity of Reaper Cloth Pixelmon

Obtaining the Reaper Cloth in Pixelmon can be very challenging due to its rarity. That’s why its importance in the game is so high. Players need to grind through different battles and tasks to get enough BP to buy the cloth, or defeat the tough Obsidian Tower boss.

But once you have acquired it, the Reaper Cloth is totally worth it! It opens up the possibility of adding some incredible new Pokemon forms to your collection.


Overall, the Reaper Cloth Pixelmon is a rare and valuable item that opens up new and exciting possibilities for Pokemon evolution in the game. With its importance growing every day, players are sure to continue incorporating its use into their gameplay.


Unlocking the Power of Reaper Cloth in Pixelmon: A Guide

Reaper Cloth Pixelmon: A Powerful Item for Evolution

Pixelmon is a popular Minecraft mod that brings Pokémon into the game. It adds various items and mechanics from the franchise, including the Reaper Cloth. The Reaper Cloth is a rare crafting material that players can use to evolve certain Ghost-type Pokémon. When held during trading or leveling up, it triggers the evolution of Dusclops into Dusknoir, a powerful and versatile Pokémon with high attack and defense stats.To obtain the Reaper Cloth in Pixelmon, players must defeat wild Gastly, Haunter, or Gengar with a Pokémon that has the Frisk ability. This ability allows the user to detect the opponent’s held item and steal it if they have one. Once obtained, players can attach the Reaper Cloth to their Dusclops and trade or level it up to get a Dusknoir.

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My Experience with Using Reaper Cloth Pixelmon

As a longtime Pokémon fan, I was thrilled to discover Pixelmon and its vast array of features. When I learned about the Reaper Cloth and its ability to evolve Dusclops into Dusknoir, one of my favorite Ghost-type Pokémon, I knew I had to have it.After some grinding and careful planning, I finally obtained a Reaper Cloth and used it on my Dusclops. The result was a swift and impressive evolution into a Dusknoir, complete with new moves and increased stats. I was able to use it effectively in battles and even completed some difficult challenges with its help.The Reaper Cloth is just one of many unique and exciting items that Pixelmon adds to Minecraft. As a powerful tool for Pokémon evolution, it is highly sought-after by players and adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. Anyone who loves Pokémon or Minecraft should definitely give Pixelmon a try and experience the fun of using the Reaper Cloth for themselves.

Are you a fan of Pixelmon and wondering what Reaper Cloth is all about? In this post, we’ll explore everything about Reaper Cloth Pixelmon from what it is, where to find it, and how to use it. Read on for more information.

Question and Answer: Reaper Cloth Pixelmon

Q1: What is Reaper Cloth in Pixelmon?

A: Reaper Cloth is a unique item that is used to evolve certain Pokemon. It’s a rare drop that can only be obtained by defeating wild Dusclops or purchasing it from the shopkeepers in the Battle Tower.

Q2: Which Pokemon can evolve using the Reaper Cloth?

A: The Reaper Cloth is currently used to evolve two Pokemon – Dusclops and Chandelure. When a Dusclops holding a Reaper Cloth is traded, it will evolve into a Dusknoir. While, when a Lampent is exposed to a Reaper Cloth, it will evolve into a Chandelure.

Q3: Where can I find Dusclops in Pixelmon?

A: Dusclops is a Ghost-type Pokemon that can be found in the wild at night in various biomes such as Swamps, Taigas, and Giant Tree Taigas.

Q4: How can I use the Reaper Cloth to evolve my Pokemon?

A: To use the Reaper Cloth to evolve your Pokemon, you need to have the Pokemon hold the item while trading it. Once the trade is complete, the Pokemon will evolve into its next form.

Conclusion of Reaper Cloth Pixelmon

Reaper Cloth is a valuable item in Pixelmon that is used to evolve Dusclops and Chandelure. It’s a rare item that can be obtained by defeating wild Dusclops or purchasing it from the shopkeepers in the Battle Tower. If you’re looking to evolve your Dusclops or Lampent, make sure to get your hands on a Reaper Cloth.

The Importance of Reaper Cloth Pixelmon in the Game

Reaper Cloth Pixelmon is an essential item in the world of Pokemon. It is a type of cloth that is used to evolve certain Pokemon, such as Dusclops and Lampent, into their more powerful forms, Dusknoir and Chandelure respectively. This item can be quite rare and difficult to obtain, making it highly sought after by trainers who want to take their Pokemon to the next level.In order to obtain a Reaper Cloth Pixelmon, trainers must either defeat wild Dusclops or Lampent in battle, or purchase it from certain vendors in the game. Once obtained, the item can be used to evolve the aforementioned Pokemon, granting them increased stats and new abilities.


My Personal Experience with Reaper Cloth Pixelmon

I remember the first time I obtained a Reaper Cloth Pixelmon. It was during a particularly difficult battle with a wild Dusclops that had been giving me trouble for some time. When I finally defeated it, I was thrilled to see that it dropped a Reaper Cloth Pixelmon as a reward.After obtaining the item, I immediately used it to evolve my own Dusclops into a Dusknoir. The difference in power was immediately noticeable, and I was able to defeat opponents that had previously given me trouble.The importance of Reaper Cloth Pixelmon cannot be overstated. For trainers looking to take their Pokemon to the next level, this item is a must-have. Whether obtained through battle or purchased from a vendor, the rewards of using a Reaper Cloth Pixelmon are well worth the effort. So, don’t hesitate to get your hands on one and see the power of your Pokemon increase dramatically!