Zip it! 11 Everyday Items with a Zipper You Didn’t Know About

Zip it! 11 Everyday Items with a Zipper You Didn't Know About

Are you tired of thinking about clothes every time someone mentions zippers? Well, it turns out that there are plenty of things that have zippers besides just clothing items. Let’s explore some of them!

Have you ever struggled to open a stubborn bag of chips, only to find out that the zipper is not closing properly? Or have you accidentally spilled the contents of your pencil case all over the floor because its zipper got stuck? These are just a couple of examples of the frustration that can come from faulty zippers on non-clothing items.

The good news is that there are many products out there that do a great job of utilizing zippers for their functionality. From luggage, to tents, to wallets and purses, these items often have sturdy and reliable zippers that make them easy to use and enjoy.

In summary, zippers are not just limited to clothing items. By exploring the many other products that feature zippers, you can discover a whole new world of functionality and convenience. So next time you’re struggling with a stubborn zipper on a bag of chips or a pencil case, remember that there are plenty of other products out there that make good use of this versatile invention.

Besides Clothes Name Something That Has A Zipper
“Besides Clothes Name Something That Has A Zipper” ~ bbaz

Besides Clothes Name Something That Has A Zipper – A Comprehensive List


Zipper technology has been around for over a century, and it’s no surprise that it is used everywhere. When most people think about zippers, they think of clothing, but there are many other things besides clothes that use zippers. In this article, we will take a closer look at different products that have zippers.


Bags are quite common items that use zippers. Backpacks, briefcases, luggage, and handbags are all made with zippers. Many bags also come with padded zippered compartments, which you can use to store your laptop or tablet securely.


Another product that uses zippers, besides clothes, is a tent. Zippers are used in tents to provide door and window closures as well as for mesh vents, making them an essential part of any tent design.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment such as soccer balls, footballs, golf bags, and backpacks also use zippers. They provide easy access to essential items such as a change of clothes, water bottles, and other equipment while providing security at the same time.


Zippers are also commonly used on stationery items such as pencil cases and folders. These products use a small zipper as an additional measure to keep your stationery both organized and secure.

Cushions and Pillow Covers

Cushions and pillow covers use zippers for easy washing and replacement of the filling. Zippered pillow covers store and protect pillows, providing them with an extended life span.


Shoes have used laces as closures for years. However, the advent of zippers has significantly transformed the design of shoes, especially boots. Zippers in boots provide a quick and easy way of getting in and out, while also making them look stylish.


Zippers are also widely used to provide ventilation to furniture such as chairs and couches. They are also used in the covers of cushions and mattresses, giving easy access to their fillings.

Electronic Accessories

A wide range of electronic accessories, including smartphones, protective cases, and laptop sleeves, come equipped with zippers. They provide an additional layer of security while also providing easy access to the device.

Jackets and Coat Covers

Jackets and coat covers are typically designed with zippers to provide a quick and easy way of putting them on or take them off. They are also used to secure pockets and protect your valuables from theft.


In conclusion, while most people associate zippers with clothing, there are numerous other items that use them. This article gives an idea of the multiple products that benefit from zipper technology. From backpacks and sportswear to furniture and electronic accessories, zippered products have become essential in modern life, making it simpler and more comfortable.

Besides Clothes Name Something That Has A Zipper

Zippers are commonly associated with clothes, but did you know that they are also found in other items that we use daily? Zippers can be seen on bags, purses, wallets, shoes, and even on camping gear such as tents and sleeping bags. These versatile and convenient fasteners make it easy to open and close items quickly.ZipperWhen it comes to bags, zippers make accessing your belongings a breeze. From backpacks to luggage, zippers keep everything organized and secure. Purses and wallets also have zippers to keep your valuable items safe and protected.On shoes, zippers make it easier to put them on and take them off. High-top sneakers have zippers on the side, making it easier to slip into them. In contrast, hiking boots often come with a zipper instead of shoelaces, making them convenient for quick adjustment while exploring the outdoors.For camping gear, zippers play a crucial role in sealing tents and sleeping bags to keep the bugs and cold out. Zippers make it possible for campers to close and open the openings of the tent with ease.

A Personal Experience with Zippers

I remember one time when I was traveling, and my luggage zipper broke right before my flight. I was devastated because I thought I would need to buy a new piece of luggage. But luckily, I found a repair shop at the airport that fixed my zipper within minutes. This experience made me realize just how important zippers are, not just in clothes but also in other items. With a broken zipper, it can be difficult to secure and organize your belongings, especially when traveling.In conclusion, besides clothes, zippers are also found in many items that we use daily. From bags to shoes and camping gear, zippers provide convenience and security for our belongings. So, the next time you use a zipper, appreciate its versatility and functionality beyond just clothes.

Have you ever wondered what else has a zipper besides clothes? Here are some questions and answers to help you explore this topic.

Q: What household items have zippers?

A: Many household items have zippers, such as couch cushions, pillows, and even some curtains.

Q: What outdoor gear has zippers?

A: Outdoor gear such as tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks often have zippers to provide easy access and closure.

Q: What office supplies have zippers?

A: Some office supplies such as binders, portfolios, and pencil cases have zippers to keep contents secure and organized.

Q: What sports equipment has zippers?

A: Sports equipment such as golf bags, baseball bags, and hockey bags often have zippers to easily access and store equipment.

Conclusion of Besides Clothes Name Something That Has A Zipper

Zippers are a versatile tool used in many different types of items. From household items to outdoor gear, office supplies to sports equipment, zippers provide convenience and security. Next time you come across an item with a zipper, take a moment to appreciate the functionality it provides beyond just clothing.

Besides Clothes Name Something That Has A Zipper

Zipper is an essential fastening device that has been in use for over a hundred years. It is a simple yet effective way to secure things together or to keep them closed. Although zippers are commonly found in clothing, they are also used in various other products. In this post, we will explore some of the other items that have zippers besides clothes.One of the most common items that have zippers is bags. From backpacks to handbags, zippers are used to secure the contents inside. Zippers on bags are usually made of durable material to withstand the weight of the items inside. Another item that uses zippers is shoes. Some shoes, such as boots and sneakers, have zippers on the sides to make it easier to put them on and take them off.


Besides Clothes Name Something That Has A Zipper: Personal Experience

As a student, I have to carry a lot of books to and from school. One of my favorite items that have zippers is my backpack. It has multiple compartments with zippers, which makes it easy for me to organize my books and notes. The zippers are also sturdy, so I don’t have to worry about them breaking even when I overload my bag.Another item that I use frequently is my wallet. It has a zipper that keeps my coins and small bills secure. I love the fact that I can throw my wallet in my bag without worrying about the contents spilling out. In conclusion, zippers are not just limited to clothing. They are used in a variety of products to secure and protect the contents inside. From bags to shoes, zippers are a convenient and practical way to keep things closed. So next time you use a zipper, take a moment to appreciate its usefulness beyond just clothing.